Tuesday, March 31, 2009

And we're back!

"You are a handsome man" my doctor told me, handing me a prescription for high blood pressure. I nodded in agreement, thankful for this small act of mercy, for, truth be told, I was not feeling all that handsome lately. "But you need to lose 25 pounds" he continued. "How tall are you? 6'2"?" "6'3"" I cried, ready to blame the recently diagnosed scoliosis on that one missing inch. My doctor consulted his little chart, and concluded that a 6'3" adult should weigh 200 pounds maximum. "But I look great at 205" I argued, fighting for those extra 5 pounds. "205 for a man your height is still overweight" my doctor told me. I tried to argue that my arms were 16", and that, therefore, I would look like a Dior model at 200 lbs. Truth be told, my left arm is 16". My right, dominant arm is only 14.5"... The reason being that yours truly managed to herniate a disk in his neck (c4-c5, if you must know), which caused some serious pain. And atrophy of the right arm.

Now, things are getting better, as evidenced by my typing this new entry, the first one in six weeks. And, there is some silver lining: for one, the pain associated with a herniated disk turned to be a great appetite suppressant. If it was not for the injury, my doctor would have asked me to lose almost 40 pounds. However, since I could not readily bring my right hand to my mouth, and unaccustomed to eating with my left (FN1), I actually lost weight: I am at 223.5 lbs at the moment, and only 20 something pounds away from my slim self (23.5 if you are to listen to my doctor). With June 19 almost three months away, I believe my chance of succeeding is actually quite good. My having 16 inch right arm, however, does not seem as likely.

There were other developments that I missed to report due to this unfortunate condition:

1. Yes, I attended the white party, and made friends with a stack of ice bags next to the bar. About an hour into the event, I bagged my host to please take me back home. And he did. And I will always love him for that.

2. I no longer have to worry about fitting into my leather pants. I no longer have them. I gifted the pants to my friend Milutin, together with a pair of lovely Prada dress pants and a couple of other items that suited his slim figure way better than they suited mine. One good deed leads to another - my friend Valeri and her husband offered to buy me a pair of leather pants so that I don't to have to stress about getting slim for the existing pair. How very sweat! I think I would rather have a new pair of Prada's though. I just wonder if they have them in my size....

3. I don't have many fine dining experiences to report. After all, I did lose all that weight... However, I highly recommend Blue Hill, where I went for Bill's birthday. I do not remember what I had, but everything was delicious. And I made it to Lupa yesterday, and the tripe they have there is amazing. And so is the chicken.

It appears that losing weight is just what doctor ordered...

FN1: There are other things I am not used to doing with my left arm which affected some other aspects of my life which I will not discuss here.