Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Three - Noodle Bar

I decided this morning that I am not going to step on a scale every single day and monitor my progress. Perhaps that creates a lack of accountability on my end, I don't know. There will be some day-to-day fluctuations though, so better not to get all concerned about them. Because stress my cause one to eat. Eat more.

Since I did not get on the scale this morning, it is still safe to assume that I'm right at 231. And that because I already lost 6 pounds since I started, I could reward myself with a nice, yet healthy lunch. Tai (she is still around, and perhaps a bad influence) and I went puppy shopping over the lunch break (the dog is for Tai's mom, as a pet Tai assured me), and ended up at the Noodle Bar in West Village. Heavenly. We both had BBQ pork broth noodles, watercress soup, taro rolls (which are so crispy and delicious that we had them at the end as a desert). Truly good lunch. And almost consistent with my weight loss goals.

Speaking of weight-loss goals... While I indulged in my last taro roll, which I smothered in a sweet-sour dipping sauce, I wondered about sacrifices one needed to make for the sake of getting lean. Should I really quit places like Noodle Bar (Momofuku Ko, Gramercy Tavern, we could go on and on, we are in NYC after all!) in order to lose weight? I don't eat in McDonald. Or Taco Bell. None of the items (all fairly unappetizing) from the Biggest Loser glass cabinets (that so poetically fade out as their still enormous victim is voted off the show) really appeals to my sophisticated pallet (popcorn perhaps). I sense doubt. And hunger.

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