Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going strong!

I knew the day two would be a challenge. It started well - naked and relieved, I lost 6 pounds overnight and was at 231 at 6:45 AM! Overnight! The daily portion of the diet did not go poorly either:

- I worked out - did 20 minutes of cardio even, plus some during my workout with Humberto. (Ai Papito!)
- Had a protein shake for my second breakfast (I had an instant oatmeal for my first breakfast, not very good. More on instant oatmeal in FN1)
- A salad for lunch, with no cheese, only steak and egg whites and walnuts and olives and red peppers, all served over a generous bed of crispy romaine.
- Then Tai called...

Now, how does one reject an old friend back from a 7 months long camping trip who would like to have a drink? Since we were both dressed inappropriately for Campbell Apartments at Grand Central (she more so than I, practically still in her camping gear), we opted for far less fabulous but equally pretentious Osteria Laguna. Where we both had a carb conscious serving of a vodka martini. Dirty, with olives. I ordered it dry so to avoid the extra calories. Then we had some fairly healthy and forgettable fairs, grilled sea food, salad, blah blah. Three christinis...

This should be a footnote, but then you'd maybe miss it, and it it really important to set the record straight. Tai seems to believe, and she is wrong, that I started this blog only to show off my 195 pounds headless photo. Which is not true. Not entirely, at least. The support I get from friends is just touching. (FN2)

We had a nice visit to Bill (who does not want to be mentioned in this blog, or any other Internet vehicle) and Joe (who does not care), and we had a glass or 2 1/2 of health promoting red (Beaurdoux, if you must know). And a sweet potato sour from Zarela. With only one third of a flauta and one chip.

Tai and I then laughed our behinds off watching Tropic Thunder, and all that laughter made me hungry again (plus, Top Chef was on) so I finished my dieting effort with a piece of high-end dark chocolate. Because it was in my fridge. (FN3) And could one piece of chocolate, 2 1/2 glasses of Beardoux, one dirty (but dry) vodka martini and three christinis ruin my otherwise exemplary day two (add to that that I did complete 20 minutes of grueling cardio!)? No, right?

Regardless, this morning (I was again procrastinating, but you would not have known since I started this post yesterday) I found some encouraging news - the Giorgio Armani suits, it is reported from Milan fashion week, have trousers cut to flatter a man with muscular thighs and a rear. Me! I find comfort that there will be a fashionable item waiting for me at the end of this road that would flatter my new (and in terms of thighs and rear even existing) figure.

FN1 Ok, so during the last season of the Biggest Loser, the motivational aspect of which I already questioned, Bob the trainer, who is NEVER shirtless, although he is the only person there who in fact should be shirtless, and often, claimed, while millions were watching, that he had protein-enhanced instant oatmeal for breakfast every morning. Every morning! This season, you guessed, he did not make any such claim! So, what does he have for breakfast?? And why is he not shirtless (not even in his exercise book which I reviewed with great interest at Borders, after my Nougatine lunch with Paul, and which I would have bought since it was 1/2 off if only Bob took his shirt off in one photo. One!)

FN2 Natasha, Ginger, Paul the Australian, you know who you are! Some friends. Some support. Shame... The fact that you did not manage has no implications on my almost certain success. Perhaps you too should get a pair of skimpy leather pants.

FN 3 "Am I not human? Do I not bleed?" And I was out of gum, but I should really save this one for another post.

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