Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Road block

Last few days were not terribly successful.

Saturday started really well: I worked out with Brad, even did cardio before our workout. Although already tired, I joined the NYC Bears for an evening of skating in the Central Park. Had only one sip of hot chocolate there.

But then:
1. Burger joint Le Parker Meridien - which I highly recommend unless you are attempting to lose weight, like I am, and if you are not allergic to tourists from mid west, like I am, who finish their burgers and then hang out in their booths while my french fries are getting cold;
2. three Makers Mark Manhattans at the gym bar, and one made with undisclosed bourbon brand, for a total of four;
3. a total of about one large cup of (I hope) light bear, consumed so that I can participate in a drinking game, and I excelled at it, even anchoring my team; and
4. a dinner at Momofufu Saam, which was easily the highlight of the day, but which I cannot remember very well due to the consumption of items outlined under (2) and (3).

The oatmeal I had for breakfast Saturday morning probably did me in, and I remained stationary on my couch all day, following U.S. figure skating championships, feeling somewhat delicate.

Monday morning the scale indicated that I gained one pound since my last weigh in.

I was not surprised. I saw it coming. Even before the miss-steps outlined above.

See, I noticed while working out with Brad Saturday that my belly was strangely on my way while doing dips. A quick inspection in the mirror confirmed that my mid area was indeed preventing my chest and ties to get closer together. Then, while lacing my very butch hockey skates, I had difficulties bending over to accomplish the stake at hand (no mirror was needed to confirm this). Clearly - I am fat. Not in a "oh, you are not" way, no, just plain old fat.

And clearly, something needs to be done about that, because I am not ready to be fat, or remain fat. But what??

1. Paul is DJing at David Burton gym, and Saul (who does not find this blog very interesting) and I are on the guest list and are supposed to work out together. But I am too big to workout at David Burton Gym, and don't have a slimming enough outfit!
2. Bikram Yoga is another possibility, but all that bending over with the above mentioned belly surely cannot be good.
3. Fullbar? (The concept seems genius, if a little disgusting)

To further complicate my situation, I am supposed to go to Florida in four weeks. Four weeks! I was so anxious last night about appearing on the beach with my fat exposed that I could not sleep, and so could not wake up early, and so could not go do cardio this morning. This vicious circle must be broken. Perhaps by completing one hour of cardio tonight?

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  1. Thank you for this insipiring blog! You make me feel so skinny! The musical version of this is on its way!